Friday, March 11, 2011

So the weekend is pretty much here

And I think I'll kick it off my posting some daily deals along with a random thought (or two) of mine.

First daily deal:

To all my offended followers, I apologize but it was just too funny to pass up. I'm sure the majority of people reading this will know what a fleshlight is, but if not here ya go. I don't really get the soda thing...maybe it's to avoid embarrassment and allow you to take it out in public and not worry about people knowing you have a portable sex hole? Gotta love the name and the cum covered "grapes" though. If you're actually interested in purchasing it here's the link. It's 45% off!

I recently picked up Lupe Fiasco's new album "Lasers" and I know no one likes long reviews so I'll keep this short and sweet.

I can dig it. It's catchy, fun to just listen to and plain enjoyable. It's a bit different than what Lupe has put out before but it doesn't disappoint. His lyrics are still meaningful and you can really feel the whole "anti-government and anarchy" stance that he's taken (just look at the album cover). My advice would be to check it out.
Listen. Enjoy. Repeat.

Second daily deal:

For all my followers that didn't act quick enough on the lava watch yet still wanted to buy it here's an alternative.
And act quick this time! Here ya go. Only ten bucks!

Have a great weekend and stay safe!


  1. OMG That fleshlight is the best thing ever.

    I'd be too tempted to fill it with grape soda though.

    And, depending on what order I used it, end up either drinking something strange or fucking something strange....

  2. You can order fleshlight from Amazon.

  3. Thanks for the update! Loving the watch :) Tom

  4. lol at the fleshlight. i never bought a fleshlight cuz i think it looks so obvious what it is. but this one is actually quide in camouflage-mode

  5. Sorry, what was that? I was just enjoying a grape soda.

  6. That watch looks dope, Keep posting cool watches.

  7. Wow, nice watch.
    Cool blog, following :D

  8. Imagine the shock when one of your friends finds out the truth about your soda. D:

  9. That soda looks tasty, haha.