Monday, February 28, 2011

Daily deals for a crappy Monday

 My Monday has started off like crap (like most Mondays). Stuck in school for 11 hours and way too much work that I keep avoiding, but that doesn't mean that your Monday has to suffer the same fate as mine! Here are some daily deals to possibly brighten up your day.

You love Sushi, You love Star Wars and most of all you love being the coolest guy at the Sushi Bar. Then congratulations you meet the requirements necessary to own Star Wars chopsticks.

May the Force be with you and your sushi.

I used to have a Mac Mini with WAY too few usb ports that it was like a constant competition for all my usb related devices. I ended up having to get a usb hub  something similar to except it looked nowhere as cool as this little guy. Only 6 mangoes

 More to come later. Happy Monday!

Sharing some swag.

Karmaloop is a great site for those people looking for unique,  fresh to death, and swaggerific clothing (as well as other accessories and cool stuff). I've gotten some sick clothing on there that always gets looks and leaves people asking where I get my stuff. Albeit some of the stuff is out of my price range if you just wait or check the sale section you can definitely find some awesome deals.

On a side note if you're one of those social entrepreneurs they even have a program that can earn you free swag if you decide to become a rep. (I'm not really into that whole thing)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm about to go to sleep.

And on an unrelated note I found these cool earphones online. They probably suck like crap (like most other headphones at this price) but at least they can at least look unique and shiny and bullet-ey whilst sucking like crap.

Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleave of care
The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath
Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course,
Chief nourisher in life's feast. -My favorite sleep quote


I'm now officially convinced..

..that I sleepwalk, I just woke up to find my milk in the pantry next to the cereal. Wtf? Is it bad that I'm more worried about losing half a gallon of milk than the fact that I have no idea how the milk got there?

Saturday, February 26, 2011


..That acne can be substantially reduced if not cured by placing a freshly washed towel over your pillow each night?

...That if you need more time to write that paper or essay just take an mp3, jpeg, or any other file and rename it "Paperthat'sdue".doc and send it to your professor. The file will appear to be corrupt and you just earned yourself some extra time.

...That pressing all four corner buttons on a credit card machine reboots it?

...That there is a right way and a WRONG way to open a banana? Learn the right way (hint: watch a monkey do it).

That's it for now. My body is so dead yet it still hurts, no fair at all.

Weekend deals (Part 1?)

I have no idea how well this USB Cup Warmer works but for the sweet price of 7 mangos it seems like it would be worth checking out, far too often have I taken a sip of my hot tea only to find out that it decided it would prefer to become cold tea.

I have one of these Amazing gadgets and I have to say even though I look like a dweeb I am one awesome dweeb, totally worth it. Plus it's a great conversation starter.

I just bought it, for 5 mangos you really can't go that wrong. I'll post a review after I try it out.

Friday, February 25, 2011

BOGO for any meal at Chipotle (yum!)

Just watch the 90 second video and print out the coupon that's shown afterward, you can take your loved one out for a cheap date or if you're perfectly lonely (yes, that was a John Mayer reference) then you just got yourself some tasty leftovers.

A little invention idea I had.

It's an easy situation to imagine and it's probably happened to you; you and a few friends order a pizza and there's that one slice left over. It stares you all of you straight in the face and everyone wants it. After some back and forth conversations one of you eventually gets it but congratulations, you're now the fat ass of the group. Now this situation could have easily been avoided if you had the MagicTray9000 (product name pending). Using the simple up and down water and foodproof arrows located on the front you can choose how many slices you desire via the lcd display and voila, the led lights lining the outside of the tray brighten up to indicate where slices need to be made to get however perfectly even slices you desire so that everyone will be happy, food riots and circular food related arguments will now be a thing of the past!

And that's it, maybe it's already been invented, maybe it's going to be in every American home in a few years. If you decide to invent it all I ask is for a thank you (and of course a free MagicTray900!).

“A dictatorial regime is destined to collapse”

News of the recent Middle Eastern protests has been sent to South to North Korea in the form of thousands of flyers attached to helium balloons in an attempt to topple the Communist regime led by Kim Jong Il. Who knows what this recent action may spark but all I can say is that it leaves me with a better feeling about this giant rotating ball we all live on.

10 dollars (or less) daily deals

Major security benefits without the ridiculous costs, enough said.
Realistic dummy dome security camera
(Or if you have money to blow then get the real thing at a good price 4 Channel CCTV Security Camera DVR System)

I recently had these same wipers installed on my car (not at this price though) because my wipers were going bad and it was really starting to affect my driving. After purchasing them and watching the Discount Auto Parts Associate install them on my car, I had an instant mental facepalm. Initially I was worried about how difficult the installation would be but it turned out to be the easiest thing ever. I should've just ordered them online and done it myself for a fraction of the price. If these fit your car then I would definitely recommend them. Super quiet and they work like a charm.

Rain-X 5079278 Latitude 8-In-1 Premium Graphite Coated Wiper Blade - 21"

Who doesn't love Elvis?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stay informed.

What's going on in Libya:A great read if you've been in the dark and want to catch up.

Trouble in Ivory Coast:Heavy fighting in Ivory Coast over election possibly evoking civil war.

Christchurch Disaster:The death toll still rising.

Meat? meat :)

I recently went out for lunch with a buddy of mine and I was a bit surprised when I found out that he didn't even know the difference between well and rare when he was asked how he wanted his burger done. This got me thinking...How many people don't "know their meat" like my unnamed friend here? I have decided to take action, it is now one of my many missions to rid the world of meat related ignorance. Here is my first step. 

Deals of the day

3 Million Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun

16 in 1 Max SIM Cell Phone Magic Super Card

If you're interested act quick!!