Tuesday, March 1, 2011

As of late...

I'm dying for Spring Break. I NEED it to be here already, Those seven days of not having to worry about what class is next, if I completed the assignments for it and whether or not we have a surprise quiz thrown in our face as we walk in the door. Ah, it will be my little heaven.

And if you plan on doing the same thing as me don't forget to keep studying! A week of nothingness is enough to turn your brain into mush so be careful, especially those who have professors that like to give tests or quizzes just because they can....those jerks...

On an unrelated note, while perusing the internet I found this nice little board game that most of you internet fiends will no doubt recognize parts of.

Is it sad that I know pretty much every meme on here? Eh.

And to finish my random thoughts post...What is the deal with Charlie Sheen? Can someone please explain to me what's going on? Because all I know is that he's coco for cocoa puffs (as well as prostitutes) and now he's mad at everything.

One last thing (I promise!)        
One of the coolest online stores with items that you thought would most likely be illegal to own. If you wanna spend money and love random weapons, combat related objects or just all around cool shit then you gotta check it out. Plus the prices aren't bad at all.


  1. in defense of charlie sheen, cocaine is fun and women have vaginas

  2. Ooooh truewords is a good site!

  3. LOL very nice ! my favorite one is the troll face :P

  4. awsome pic. i wanna play that game :D

  5. March break isnt until the week of the 15th here and I'm honestly DYING for it! also that monopoly is AWESOME.. I definitely dont know all of them though

  6. that feel when you will never have a spring break again