Friday, February 25, 2011

A little invention idea I had.

It's an easy situation to imagine and it's probably happened to you; you and a few friends order a pizza and there's that one slice left over. It stares you all of you straight in the face and everyone wants it. After some back and forth conversations one of you eventually gets it but congratulations, you're now the fat ass of the group. Now this situation could have easily been avoided if you had the MagicTray9000 (product name pending). Using the simple up and down water and foodproof arrows located on the front you can choose how many slices you desire via the lcd display and voila, the led lights lining the outside of the tray brighten up to indicate where slices need to be made to get however perfectly even slices you desire so that everyone will be happy, food riots and circular food related arguments will now be a thing of the past!

And that's it, maybe it's already been invented, maybe it's going to be in every American home in a few years. If you decide to invent it all I ask is for a thank you (and of course a free MagicTray900!).


  1. Ah no, my dreams are crushed </3